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The Treasure of

St. Augustine

“Today’s the Day!”

- Mel Fisher, discoverer of the Atocha shipwreck treasure

Is today YOUR day to find The Treasure of St. Augustine?
Come join the Hunt—if you dare!


Locale Scope

Historic Downtown City of St. Augustine


Cost and Parameters

36 hours to find as many clues as possible
$20.00 per Treasure Hunter

how to play

Treasure Hunt Rules, Operations and Features:

People buy a Treasure Hunt ticket and receive a unique code to register on line on our website.

Clues in riddle format will need to be discovered and solved at each location.

Players will be directed to next location once successfully solving and submitting solution to riddles online.  If a player is unable to solve the riddle or inputs an incorrect answer, they will be given an opportunity to use some of their gold coins to pay for a “Hint” to the correct answer.

Riddles, clues and locations will be a combination of St. Augustine historic (public) locations and private businesses and attractions. The public locations will have riddles that need to be solved once found, and the private locations will have QR codes to click on once discovered on site. (We won’t be able to have QR codes on public property/landmarks).

Upon solving each riddle, Players will receive a tally of virtual “Gold Coins” into their St. Augustine Treasure Hunt account. The further along in the hunt the player goes, the coin values increase.

After every 25 riddles solved, each player will receive a “mini-treasure” which includes Bonus coins into their player account. These mini-treasures also provide additional value when redeemed at the museum gift shop.

Treasure Hunt players can stop hunting at any time and then return to the Museum to redeems their coins for a prize, based on the number of “gold coins” they have accumulated into their account during the hunt.

If all clues are solved within the 36-hour period, the Player wins the Treasure of St, Augustine and the day’s treasure prize, which will be redeemed at the museum. Players can choose to retain their Treasure Hunt account, and the coins accumulated, and have the option to purchase another 36-hour hunt and continue their hunt on another day.